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H3M — Where Worlds Collide.

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We're building a location-based AR mobile application that makes it easy to instantly build, gamify, monetize, and publish engaging AR spaces anywhere in the world.

Augmented Realiity Gaming
AR Gaming

Create your own games, with your own rules with levels placed over real-world environments.

3D Experiences
3D Experiences

Upload 3D models, soundtracks, and environments to customize your AR world experience.

Brand exclusive augmented reality
Brand Exclusives

Extend your brand beyond the storefront or URL into the physical world, at any location.

Virtual land
Real Estate

Buy, personalize, trade, rent, sell, and share virtual locations without the hassle of real estate transactions or zoning laws.

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HMMM Token community text
HMMM Token Community Text
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Amazing Support

We are cultivating an environment of trust and action and the community is growing strong. Jump in our telegram and join the conversation. 

We can use technology to lean into
the 'reality' of augmented reality — encouraging everyone, ourselves included, to stand up, walk outside, and connect with people and the world around us.'

From The Blog

What We’re Building.


Our platform will enable you to buy virtual locations, then sell, trade, lease, rent, or host your own experience within the app using the land you have acquired. Just like Arán Lozano and Clara Campo we're creating a whole new way of bridging communities around AR-specific interests.

What User Can Offer.

Our platform will empower users to create their own games, upload their own experiences, launch events, share digital stories, craft soundscapes for the visually impaired, and much more; instantly accessible from anywhere in the world.

Our Products

DeFi Ecosystem

Trading + Staking

Our token trades on multiple exchanges and holders staking HMMM token earn 23% APY as well as passive income with rewards.

AR Gaming

Our platform is developed with gamersin mind. We will be crafting unique in app micro games that populate nearby.


We are currently collaborating with digital artists to support our platform and flood it with NFT's and digital content at launch.

Real Estate

We will distribute land to long term holders, collaborators and partners. However, land in the exchange will be a scarce commodity.

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