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We have grown a community of trust and have a dedicated base of holders who all contribute to the stability of the underlying token.


Fifty investors have taken on private packages and have supported the growth and development of our brand and product. 

$ 1 k
Initial Raise

To date, we have raised $200k in the private sale of our coin which has allows us to fund the development and marketing efforts of our platform. 

HMMM Token


HMMM is our official ecosystem currency and is used to buy NFT’s, land, and branded offerings across our various applications. Holding our utility token will unlock benefits for you. Token holders will receive the following:

  • Ability To Vote
  • Eligibility for Airdrops
  • First Access to NFTs pre-launch
  • 3% Reward from every in app transaction
  • Discount on in-app purchases


3% rewards will be distributed to token holders on every transaction that occurs across our ecosystem.

HMMM Token is a Binance Smart Chain token that can be used to purchase both digital and physical assets. The value of HMMM Token is expected to increase over time as the number of users grows. Our limited supply of 40M tokens will be drastically reduced over the next year as we begin burning 1.5 Million tokens per month.

Buying HMMM Token today not only gives you access to our platform when it launches but also allows you to benefit from all future developments in the H3M ecosystem.

5M tokens – have been put aside for future investor partnerships. These tokens will be distributed as locked tokens.

4M tokens – back our rewards and staking platform.

4M tokens – have been set aside for our special founder packages. Founder packages help us with our development and marketing and are the best way to get the most value on your investment.

2M Tokens – have been added to liquidity pools as a part of our base circulating supply. We will maintain these levels and limit the supply of tokens on the available market by engaging in buybacks and subsequent burns to maintain the health of the token.


250K – Presale + Pre-Launch

250K – Pre-Launch Padding for Vendor Costs

250K – Launch

250K – Post-Launch

250K – Influencer Rewards

750K – Beta

500K – App Development

500K – Web 3 Exchange

250K – Admin Backend

250K – Database, Network, Token Network


17M Tokens – are scheduled to be burned over a linear monthly release. Each month our team will burn 1.5M tokens from our existing supply in effort to reduce the supply over time and contribute to the health of the token. 

We're Excited To Launch Soon

We're now in Beta! Contact us for details.

We're launching soon. You can show your support, be eligible for airdrops, and earn upcoming rewards when you purchase our utility token on dex-trade today. We offer a private sale of tokens to those interested in helping us achieve our project goals. Investment capital raised through a private sale directly funds development and marketing costs. As an added benefit for your support we are offering discounted tokens as well as additional incentives for your support.


Your support through a package helps us achieve our vision.

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